New Product Launches

Give your new product launches a proper boost by letting DME create excitement with your sales channels and customers.


Brand Building

Differentiate, position and amplify your brand message through all channels, in every single communication.

BtB Expertise

Leverage our extensive BtB marketing experience and knowledge to bring keen insight and creativity to solving your marketing challenges.

Digital Marketing

Produce engaging content, create more conversations, drive website traffic, increase lead generation and grow sales.

Integrated Marketing

Experience the synergy of combining integrated marketing, communications and digital marketing into a single cohesive initiative and vision

DME demonstrated their impressive versatility, creative capabilities and deep industrial expertise by providing Mitsubishi a broad range of effective, marketing and communications services – from branding and digital advertising, web-based, e-marketing and lead gen programs, to new product launch introductions, marketing content and public relations services. DME has proven to be a valuable, turn-key marketing services partner

Scott Rohlfs
Senior Director of Marketing
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Coming up to speed on our business in a short time frame, DME created a new trade show exhibit with targeted promotional graphics, branding and messaging, along with sales and marketing collateral package that perfectly aligned with our marketing objectives to address new vertical market trade events for our products.

Timothy Bell
Industrial Tectonics Inc.

DME delivered their extensive business-to-business, strategic marketing expertise by helping us develop marketing and communications plans with a great range of tactics and options exploring traditional and digital marketing, advertising, branding, direct marketing, lead generation, e-marketing and web-based marketing.

Don Cameron
Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
LSIS/LG Industrial Systems