New Product Launches

Get behind your product marketing in a big way

Make Your New Product Launches More Effective


Much like first impressions, companies have just ONE chance to launch new products properly – and get it right with their customers. However, due to limited internal human resources, companies often rush to produce upon a boilerplate list of new product launch deliverables from a spreadsheet.

As the life blood of all companies, we believe new product launches should be eventful, filled with fanfare and exciting for your internal and external customers. Let DME help you create a battle cry to rally your sales force, distributors and channel partners…set clear positioning and objectives…craft messaging that communicates unique selling propositions…and then, executes deliverables with creativity, great efficiency and speed. A dedicated DME launch effort will result in more traction on your investments and better allocation of internal resources.

New Product Launch Marketing Services

  • Traditional & Digital Ad Integrated Plan
  • New Product Ad Creative in Print & Digital
  • Launch Briefs & Messaging Platforms
  • Email Blast & Landing Page
  • E-Newsletter
  • Info Graphics
  • Tactical Plans & Execution
  • New Product Press Release
  • New Product Collateral
  • Media Relations
  • Case Study & White Paper
  • Product PPT
  • Social Channel Roll Out
  • YouTube Product Video
  • Website Content